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Once and Future by InTwilight Once and Future by InTwilight
Arthur and Gwen ^_^ So, with this WWII storyline of mine, it was insanely hard not to place the Pendragons in German or Poland on the Axis side. Just because, for what stories there are of Arthur returning during World War Two, a good number of them do take that approach. Which is great, and the few I've read are wonderfully done, but I ended up keeping him British.

Well, sorta. His mom lives through childbirth this time around, though she divorces Uther during WWI and moves herself and Arthur to the USA to live with her parents. Not entirely unheard of for the times, but rare enough. Which makes it even harder for poor Merlin to find him. But it all works out in thanks to the second war, as Arthur's one of the pilots who volunteers to join up with the Brits when it all kicks off. With his father's high position of power (not king but if you play your cards right...), Arthur's put in charge of an elite task force that's being groomed to be sent on covert operations and might as well be the Howling Comandos (Captain America).

The background pick is a behind the scenes of Gregory Peck & Ingrid Bergman on the set of Spellbound which is actually from 1945 but :shurg:

Bradley James = his image is either from a panel interview or Damien so... not me
Angel Coulby = I think she was from a publicity belongs to Angel
Spellbound bts = either belongs to a studio or to Alfred Hitchcock
squash = my fault

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